Common Commercial Lease Pitfalls to Avoid:

  • Wrong Area
    • ​Tenants who do not know the market may locate into a declining area​.
  • ​Wrong Location
    • Retail tenants who choose locations in unanchored properties to obtain lower rates suffer declining traffic and subsequent sales volumes are dismal.
  • Termination, Relocation or Expansion Rights:
    • Tenants should work with experienced professionals to insert language which allows a cancellation or modifications of lease.
  • Tenant Preforms Build-outs:
    • Having the Landlord perform build outs ensure unexpected problems and delays will be the Landlord's cost.
  • Unnecessary Security Deposit:
    • ​Landlords ask for deposits as standard procedure, but does not require one depending upon tenant creditworthiness. 
  • ​Not reviewing the Lease often enough
    • ​Tenants miss notification dates, resulting in automatic renewals, loss of option period and loss of time to market compare.


Lease Renewal/ Purchase Guidelines

Size of space ( square feet)          Negotiation Lead

3,000 - 5,000                                    6 - 8 months

5,000 - 10,000                                  8 - 12 months

10,000 - 20,000                                12 - 24 months

20,000 +                                          Up to 2 years

Start lease negotiations early with your landlord. Time should be your ally, not your enemy. A tenant who waits until the lease term is down to 6 months or less before asking the landlord for a lease renewal proposal is telling the landlord your company is not considering any other options.

Top Reasons to Secure Tenant Representation for New Space:

  • Expert Real Estate representation at NO COST to You
  • Save you money on your lease agreements
  • Pre-visits of locations that saves your valuable time and money
  • Win concessions that anticipate your current and future needs
  • Review and explanation of lease document terms and pitfalls
  • Provide most economical & operationally effective risk free real estate solutions
  • Tenant Reps understand the impact of office layout, location and amenities
  • Listing agents are working for the owner and to put those interests ahead of the tenants.
  • Expert Real Estate Negotiator at NO COST to You
  • Effective negotiation to ensure you get the most value
  • Create leverage in the negotiation process
  • Use expert market analysis to get you the best deal
  • Review all lease documents to define terms that benefit you
  • Tenant Reps will represent you and work on behalf of your best interest