Buyer and Tenant Commercial Agents

Lease Review:

Are you currently in a lease but not 100% sure what all the fine print means? Are you wanting to make some changes or not sure about your renewal clause? If you are being proactive and want to ensure to protect your business in the future, let our commercial space experts review your lease. We will help you understand all the fine print they put in their to confuse you. Not only will we help you identify future pitfalls but educate you about your surrounding market. With our help you will have all the information you need to make the best decision for your commercial space needs in the future. Let us help you protect yourself and your business to ensure you're successful.  

Business Space requirements - Lease or Purchase 

Lease Review and Renewal Representation:

​Are you getting the best deal on your space? Can you use free money to make upgrades to your current space? Has the market changed since your lease was first signed? Can you do better?  Please consider that Landlords intentionally put legal jargon into their leases in order to confuse (and often take advantage of) tenants. 1st Global Realty can not only help you understand your lease and protect you and your company, but also show you ways you may be able to get additional concessions and benefits.  In addition to a full review of your lease, we will review the market, specific to your business needs and provide you with a comparison of  your current lease against those of similar properties. Let our commercial space experts negotiate on your behalf and reduce your upcoming renewal costs. 


1st Global Realty assists businesses of all sizes looking to lease or purchase office space. Unlike typical “property search” services, our 24 plus years of experience help you through the process. We include full Tenant Representation services, site selection, lease comparison, handling of paperwork, negotiations and watching out for your interests every step of the way.


So much of your business success is dependent on location. Whether looking for a space in a shopping mall, office building or stand alone, our commercial space experts will put your needs first and help ensure business success. With our wide Atlanta market knowledge we will find the space that meets all your needs. 


Functionality is priority one when looking for the perfect industrial space for your business. Whether looking for manufacturing or warehouse and distribution space, our commercial space experts understand the importance of  meeting all the specifications for your industry specific needs..